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We plan, build, and innovate.

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About us

A construction company based in Morocco.

Almmich Group company is specialized inconstructing building for public and private projects.

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    Years of experience
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    are beyond other simple companies.

    As a leading constructing company in Morocco, we look to engage with our clients, build relationships, and become a partner to them.

    unleashing our clients’ potential by maximising the innovation.

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    Our projects

    We've constructed, designed and managed plenty of projects across Morocco.


    Construction Projects

    Menuiserie Aluminium

    Aluminium Projects

    Menuiserie Bois

    Bois Projects

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    A construction company "Almmich Group" based in Rabat, Morocco.

    Avenue Oqba imm Agdal, Rabat Morocco.

    Construction, menuiserie aluminium, menuiserie bois, Pérgola.

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    Almmich Group offers consultation.

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